Seeds of Life:
Fresco painting with multiple mandalas of colorful shapes and sizes representing our ethnic diversities
and honoring our likeness and differences. This painting contains seeds, sunflower blossoms, glass, buttons, earth pigments, a computer chip, glitter and oil paints. It is a fresco painting on wood 24"x48", price upon request.

Self Reflection:
We are what we make ourselves to be. A large 8 sided symmetry mandala with mirror to help restore harmony and balance, textured with glass, beads, sand and soil, shells and a sand dollar.

Peace is Possible:
A mandala that resonates with our birth right to Peace.

Heal Our Planet:
A Mandala for Hope and Healing of Planet Earth.

Bee Mandala:
Another mandala from the "Earth Mandala Series" in honor of bees and prayer for their healing and survival.

Ancestor's Blood:
A mandala painted with blood root pigments and soil containing turquoise, beach glass, pottery shards and metal. It represents the core of our existence carried through our ancestors and held within each one of us.

8-Sided Earth Mandala:
Created with earth pigments. The simplicity of this "Earth series" is a reflection on the principal geometry of a mandala contained in all forms of life.

Minimal Mandala Series:
All mandallas are one foot square, created in Byrdcliffe Residency, summer of 2013.

OPUS 40 Exhibit July 2014

MANDALA DRAWINGS (Click to enlarge)




Third Eye:
A mandala drawing on black paper to trust our higher intuition.

Prayer Mandala:

For living in the presence. Pencil drawing on black paper.

In Honor of the
Native American Spirit:

Pencil drawing on black paper.

Blessings on my 3 Children:
A personal mandala showing our connectedness from One Love/One Heart.



The community is invited to participate in installing an organic mandala on the premises of OPUS 40 on July 18th from 5-7 pm Please bring your earth offerings in form of a collection of flowers, leaves, rocks, sand, mulch, twigs or whatever else organic materials you might find. Families and people of all ages are invited to participate. This is a community building event and is FREE to the public.

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